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PLANNING CONSULTANCY ADVICE  Experience counts for a lot when negotiating with the various planning authorities, both our Architects have been qualified and Practicing since the 1980's.

FUNDING SOURCES We have experience of projects with multiple funding sources particularly the National Lottery and the challenges that funding organisations can pose. We can therefore help you with your applications.

CONSULTANT TEAM Studio OK also has a team of consultants with whom we have an established working relationship, who provide a skilled professional service.

KIT HOUSE Sustainability, energy efficiency, renewables, and value for money are the pre-occupation of Studio OK, these principles influence all of our design processes and the way we work as an office. The direct result of these principles is Our Self Build Modular 'Kit House' which is available for purchase from our Studio OK Design and Construction company.

BIM SYSTEM We have a 3D drawing software system (BIM) which allows full visualization of the project internally externally and in context throughout the design process. We supply our clients with the 3D model on CD during the course of the design to allow them to view the project on their own PC and give us feedback on the results.

ENERGY USE ASSESSMENT As part of the design process we assess the energy consumption of a design and then improve it in various ways depending on our clients budget and wishes. It is possible to achieve Passive Haus design or equivalent standards, in many cases.