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Self-build Affordable Kit House

Work is now complete for the construction of a self-build affordable Studio OK Kit House. A young couple who need to live near their work as farmers and agricultural contractors gained approval in a protracted planning process, for an affordable status dwelling in open countryside. The Kit House is an ideal choice of dwelling because of it's self-build nature and high levels of insulation. The construction cost must be less than £95,000 so the balance of cost and performance of building elements such as the shell construction, insulation, air-tightness, heating system, components, running-costs and renewables were carefully analysed by Studio OK. The design enables packages of specialist and self-build work to be clearly defined, simplifying the project management and highlighting all the opportunities for costs to be reduced with self labour. The couple were filmed during the self-build process, from foundations through to the completion of the interiors and the programme was broadcast as one of the series of 'The House That £100k Built'  on BBC2 Wednesday 23rd October 2013. They proved that they could build their own 'eco' house for substantially less than £100,000. The couple are now residing in the house, and we can now monitor the efficiency and practicality of the heating system and the thermal performance of the building.